Everything You Need to Know About The Home Depot Halloween Release 2023

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Every year, The Home Depot brings Halloween in a big way.

Honestly, Home Depot seems to get better and better and this year, is no different. I was lucky enough to be part of the exclusive Home Depot showcase and was able to get my eyes on what is to come!!

In case you didn’t know, Home Depot’s Halloween Collection drops this week – yep in July.

So, if you are wondering when Home Depot releases their Halloween collection and exactly what will be released, stay tuned because we have all the juicy (and spooky) details to share with you!

The Home Depot

When does Home Depot release their 2023 Halloween Collection?

The 2023 Home Depot Halloween Collection will release online on Thursday, July 13, 2023. There is no specific time so some are saying to stay up all night or check back every hour on the hour to see when the collection will drop.

The Home Depot Halloween Collection will be released in Home Depot stores at the end of August/early September.

The Home Depot

What will be available in the Home Depot Halloween Collection 2023?

For the 2023 Home Depot Halloween Collection, there will be a few main collections including:

  • The Grave & Bones Collection
  • The Dead Water Collection
  • Halloween Classics
  • Disney Characters
  • Ghoulish Giants
  • Spooky Jack-o’-Lanterns
  • Eerie Inflatables
  • Haunted Hallows
  • Cursed Glow
The Home Depot

The Grave & Bones Collection

The Home Depot Grave and Bones Collection is exactly what it sounds like – grave and bones items for Halloween including skeletons and gravestones.

The Home Depot

This collection includes the 12 foot skeleton (returning this year), 13 foot animated Jack Skellington, returning 8 Foot Animated Reaper, and a new 8 foot animated Boogyman.

The Home Depot

In addition, there is a new skull stack (much like the pumpkin stack last year), a new bone archway, an animated gravedigger and an animated witch.

The Home Depot

Dean the deathologist is returning with a new maid friend. They redesigned the giant skulls this year and are bringing us two new gargoyle statues.

The Home Depot

This year, they also have a ton of new headstones. These are typically the heavy duty ones that won’t get ruined in the rainstorm.

The Home Depot

There is also a new 3 foot animated witch, and several different sized skeletons including a 3 foot animated skelly that looks like a mini version of the 12 foot skeleton.

The Home Depot

They also have a variety of new skeleton animals. How cute is that furry bone dog?!

The Home Depot

The Dead Water Collection

The Dead Water Collection is new this year to Home Depot and features a variety of characters that are swampy, creepy characters like they live in the dead waters of a bayou.

The Home Depot

This collection has new characters including the animated predator of the night. He is 9 feet tall and has a wing span of 12.5 feet. He is HUGE.

There is also a new swamp witch, cauldron, animated marsh monster and the viral pumpkin stack from last year, is back.

The Home Depot

There is also an animated fisherman, new scarecrow, animated sitter of souls, animated possessed penny, and a creepy animated haunted doll.

The Home Depot

There are also many skeletons that go along with this collection which you can see below.

The Home Depot

Halloween Classics

New this year is this super cool animated cyborg named THC 3000! It has realistic moves of the eyes, mouth and it’s supposed to be in limited supply this year.

We are also getting a new 12 foot animated ghost, new pumpkin twins, and sinister Steve (animated small clown).

The Home Depot

Disney Characters

I did briefly mention the 12 Jack Skellington and we have several other Disney items (mostly inflatables coming).

We are getting a life-size animated Yoda, so that is cool!

The Home Depot

More Disney inflatables…

The Home Depot

Ghoulish Giants

As far as the giants go, I already mentioned the 12 foot skelly, Jack, the Swamp Monster but we are also getting back the pumpkin skeleton and the 12 foot hovering witch.

The Home Depot

Spooky Jack-O’-Lanterns

For these, many of these are the same as last year but we do have a few new designs…

I like that grey animated pumpkin. Perfect for a spooky pumpkin patch.

The Home Depot

And more pumpkins…

The Home Depot

Eerie Inflatables

You saw the Disney inflatables above but we are getting a few more than that including these spiders, pumpkin reaper and ghost.

The Home Depot

Then there are a few cutesy inflatables too. Look at that Chucky!

The Home Depot

A few more cutesy ones…

The Home Depot

Haunted Hallows

We are getting back the popular coffin this year along with the weeping willow tree and some fun new plastic characters.

There are some other fun Halloween decorations and if you need a storage bag, Home Depot has got us covered this year too…

Cursed Glow

What is a Halloween setup without good lighting? There are a few new lighting options this year including an attachment to illuminate your 12 foot skelly!

The Home Depot

New flood lights and even some regular lights for an extra eerie glow.

And that’s it for now.

Now, Home Depot did confirm there will be some items available online and in-store that they DID NOT SHOWCASE. Meaning, there are other surprise releases.

You can shop The Home Depot Halloween Collection Here.

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