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Avocados Stay Fresh Longer with This Genius Kitchen Hack

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Are you an avocado lover?

I could eat them every single day of my life and never get burnt out on them.

They are the perfect food and have so many uses well beyond guacamole or avocado toast.

Did you know that you can use avocados to make healthier desserts?

There are so many ways to use avocados, so when I see them for a great price I want to stock up.

Now that I learned this amazingly simple hack, I can stock up without worrying about them going bad before I use them all.

I’m telling you, I am so mad that I had never heard about this before!

There have been so many great deals on avocados I have passed up because I was worried they would go bad before I could use them all and that could have been remedied by this easy hack.

Are you ready? To keep your avocados fresh much longer than normal, you simply store them in water in the refrigerator.

People on TikTok have been showing off the hack, but what caught my eye was a post on Facebook.

For her experiment, she stored some covered in water in the refrigerator and then left the rest on the counter.

The ones she photographed in water stored in the refrigerator were perfect after 2 weeks, and those left on the counter had rotted.

Did you already know this? If you’ve tried this hack before, let me know how it went in the comments.

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