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Wendy’s Is Introducing A New Strawberry Frosty Flavor and I’m On My Way

Wendy’s is shaking things up a bit.. literally, with their new frosty ice cream flavor.

Courtesy of @WendysCanada

Instead of the usual chocolate or vanilla flavor whirled frosty with a perfect twirl at the top, Wendy’s is deciding to go pink!

Courtesy of @WendysCanada

For our neighbors up north (Canada) and beginning this week, Wendy’s will be introducing their new line of Strawberry Frostys while supplies last.

Courtesy of @WendysCanada

As of right now, sadly it doesn’t look like the Strawberry Frostys are in the state’s favor but there is hope!

Courtesy of @WendysCanada

In 2010, the U.S. introduced the first Strawberry Frosty 11 years ago for a limited time only and if you ask me, and everyone else, it’s time to bring that flavor back!

We’re crossing every toe and finger in hopes that the Strawberry Frosty will make its way back to the U.S. because even though we love the classic chocolate and vanilla flavors, we deserve a pink frosty too.

Did you get that Wendy’s? Bring us the strawberry frosty!!

Courtesy of @wendyscanada