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This ‘Friends’ Starbucks Cup Will Make You Feel Like Part Of The Gang

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When are my ‘Friends’ fans at? I have found the perfect customized Starbucks reusable cold cup for you! Especially if you are a Joey fan! How you doin’?

caffeinebeandesigns – Etsy

If you are a dedicated ‘Friends’ fan, then you will recognize the peephole frame right away! Just like from Monica and Rachel’s apartment.

caffeinebeandesigns – Etsy

This is a reusable cold cup, so don’t put your hot drinks in it and definitely do not put this beauty in the microwave! Just some ice-cold drinks for summer! It can be customized with a name too!

caffeinebeandesigns – Etsy

The cup is Venti sized which means it can hold 24 ounces. Be sure to handwash only and never ever put it in the dishwasher or you could ruin it. That would be a shame because you could mess up the vinyl that is applied to the cup.

caffeinebeandesigns – Etsy

I love the Joey quote on the lid! Just perfection! It isn’t often that I see a custom cup seller add to the lid as well.

caffeinebeandesigns – Etsy

The Starbucks tumbler is made of plastic and then the custom design is Oracal 651 permanent vinyl.

You get the reusable cup, lid, and straw. You can purchase your very own ‘Friends’ cup from CaffeineBeanDesigns on Etsy for only $16! That’s a great price!


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