Nurses Are Asking For Leggings To Wear Under Their Scrubs. Here’s How You Can Help.

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People on Facebook are coming to the aid of nurses everywhere. While face masks and gowns are becoming a much needed issue in medical facilities, the nurses (and other First Responders) might need something else we can all help with.


I speak from experience, when you get off a nursing shift, you feel gross — even under NORMAL circumstances. You can’t wait to get home, throw your scrubs off, and get a shower.


Nurses now, though, may need to throw off their work attire BEFORE they even get in their cars.


Leggings are the answer! Nurses are wearing leggings under their scrubs, so they can take the scrub pants off in the parking lot when they get off their shift.


They usually have a bin or bag waiting to hold the soiled clothes, thereby helping to stop the spread of anything that might be lurking on the clothing.


So what can you do? We ALL have leggings from the “Leggings Are Pants” movement. Ha!

Bag up those CLEAN leggings, call your local hospital, and see if there are any nurses that want a few leggings.

This is an easy way to help if you can’t sew — Like Me!!! I can’t make a face mask, but I can donate a bag or two of leggings.

FINALLY! Something I’m good at that might help the cause!

I’m going to see if my friends have any leggings they want to donate to these heroes that are in the trenches. I can do a porch pickup and deliver them all to the hospital. You can, too!

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  1. Nurses may be hesitant to wear gently used leggings at this time. Couldn’ you ask a company for a discount on thhe leggings and the public can order them and send them to the nurses as a kind of professional sincere thank you for all that they do at this difficult timr.

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