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Joann Fabrics Will Give You Supplies To Make Face Masks For Nurses and Doctors

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Are you a crafter or sewer? Do you live near a JOANN fabric store? If so they have an excellent opportunity to help get masks and gowns to medical workers in your area.

In a press release, JOANN stores laid out their plan to let people come into their working classrooms, and make masks and gowns for FREE, as long as you plan to donate them.

Courtesy of the JOANN Website

Beginning Monday, March 23, while adhering to social distancing guidelines, JOANN will open its classrooms to any who want to help make these essential items. Participating locations will offer sewing machines, materials and guidance to help customers safely make facemasks and covers, gowns and other items to donate to America’s hospitals. JOANN will provide and donate 100% of the supplies needed for these projects for those who come in to make.

JOANN Press Release

Those who want to make-to-give to the effort at home will be able to take advantage of JOANN’s Ship-to-Home and Curbside Pickup options, and find tutorials to create the items at joann.com/maketogive.

JOANN Press Release
Courtesy of the JOANN Website

Hospitals and healthcare facilities across the country are scrambling to find enough PPE — Personal Protective Equipment — including masks and gowns to deal with this coronavirus epidemic.

Courtesy of the JOANN Website

This is a GREAT way to help donate to the cause! Reusable masks and gowns would GREATLY help the medical community.

Courtesy of the JOANN Website

All open JOANN locations will serve as collection points for those making in their homes, and all items created by customers will be donated to help medical systems extend their dwindling supplies of protective equipment, and will be used at the hospital’s discretion.

JOANN Press Release

Now, at first, I’ll admit, I wondered why JOANN fabric stores wouldn’t just provide fabric, thread, and elastic to people that wanted to make masks and gowns from home.

But, think about it. Not everyone is as honest as you and me. They could potentially lose TONS of product and money, if they just handed out free fabric and supplies.

JOANN is giving a DEEP discount on cotton fabric, and the supplies you will need to make masks at home.


Then, you just drop them off to any JOANN store, and they will have them delivered for you. It couldn’t be easier.


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  2. What Joann stores around Alexandria Minnesota are donating fabric, interfacing and elastic? I would like to make masks for our frontline workers.

  3. I have made masks and instead of elastic, I cut 1″ wide strips going around a knit t-shirt. After cutting the strip pull the strip and it curls and will not tear, instead it rolls and will make nice ties with a little comfort ease. One strip cut around shirt will divide into four ties, one for each corner of the mask. Does this make sense to all of you? The shirt can be an old or any color, Good luck and happy sewing and serving.

  4. I love my local Joann’s store. I am very proud to know they are actively helping the country by supplying materials. I have made a couple dozen masks so far, but am awaiting elastic to make more. Hoping it arrives any day now. Didn’t know elastic hair bands could be used. Do you cut them or leave them intact when inserting into the mask?

  5. I made 15 mask, and I had to stop cause ran out of supplies. I just heard about this, how can I get supplies to continue making mask, I used up all the materials and elastic that I had. The twelve were donated. A friend called me and asked me if I can make 15 mask to be donated, I mentioned that I would get back to them. I can’t not leave my home, I can’t drive.

  6. How do I get in contact with someone about getting the material and elastic to donate these masks. I have been buying the material but it is really getting expensive for me I am on social security and have made over 100 masks.

  7. yes I would like to help. But the nearest Joanna store is abut 300 miles away. I’m going to work on some today but don’t have the elastics. I want to know if you just use 2 layers of fabric. What do you use in the middle. Most of my supplies stores are close so its hard to get what I need. So working with what I have. But again would love to help.

      1. you can also use a dryer sheet, or any antibacterial wipe that has dried out. If the odor is too strong then just rinse it out and let dry.

  8. I would love to help out, what can I do, I can sew pretty good so please let me Know how to make this possible to help our medical community

  9. I would like to make masks to donate. I have made 10 masks so far with ties. Now running out of fabric.

  10. I donating Pillow cases to my local hospital for children but I had to put that on hold to sew up mask to keep them healthy I have all fabric cut . I am just waiting for my elastic to come in to sew up these mask for the hospital and truck drivers. I also work for a local trucking company and I will be also donating the mask to our driver so I can keep the well so they can keep the stores stock. Some state are asking the driver to do the same like our nurses. My page for my pillow cases is Amanda Cases of love.

  11. Willing to help but however I don’t want to leave my home. I would love to help make masks but getting the material is my difficulty. My husband is a Veteran and we don’t see anyone as we live over an hour to get there and with one vehicle. I want to help so much.

  12. Is the Joann Fabrics on 825 N. Alafaya Trail, Orlando, Fl. 32828, in Waterford Lakes Town Center participate in this mask making program? How does this program work?

  13. What is the correct measurement for the elastic band?

  14. These masks are easy to make and fun if you make them with a friend. Love helping Nevada.

  15. I was making masks and ran out of some supplies. I am not able to leave my home. If you could mail me the supplies you provide curbside i could make hundreds of masks for you.

  16. Very curious: WHAT keeps the masks and other home-sewn equipment sterile? How is anyone to know the safety, good health, and proper “social distancing” of those sewing the masks, gowns, etc.? Is JoAnn’s in contact with a company willing to sterilize and package these items after they are sewn?

    Would appreciate all positive comments and replies.

    1. The hospitals sterilize and clean everything before and after use.

  17. Do you have fabric, thread and elastic for me to sew the masks needed for Drs and nurses ? Is there a kit ?
    Also have some royal blue fabric as I will create a small embroidery on front to symbolize ” I love you” and Team Kentucky.