You Can Now Buy ‘Friends’ Themed Coffee on Amazon

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What is better than hanging around some of your favorite people while enjoying a good cup coffee? The only thing that comes to mind is by having coffee that is ‘Friends’ Themed!

You Can Now Buy ‘Friends’ Themed Coffee on Amazon and I want it all!

The ‘Friends’ Themed Coffee is Called ‘Central Perk’ because why wouldn’t it be?

To celebrate the 25th anniversary, The Coffee Bean is debuting the special coffee and tea products inspired by the show.

This limited edition coffee and tea comes in the following:

  • Central Perk Medium Roast: This “perfectly balanced” coffee has a nutty aroma and smooth, sweet finish.
  • Central Perk Dark Roast: This one is rich and aromatic with sweet, chocolatey undertones that “pack a punch.”
  • Central Perk Tea: This is a freshly steeped black tea with bright citrus.

The best part is, all of these are currently being sold on Amazon!

Credit: The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Also, while you are there, you may want to grab this Central Perk coffee mug because I think it’s just a must-have for this coffee!

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