People Are Freaking Out Over The Options in This 7-Eleven and Now I Want One Near Me

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If you can remember the last time you visited a 7-Eleven, it may have looked like several long aisles stocked with chips, beef jerky, and energy drinks.

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Thanks to one Tokyo-based TikToker named Alisa who shared what 7-Eleven stores look like in Japan, the differences between the convenance stores in Japan versus in the U.S. are outstanding.

Courtesy of @tokyogirl92

The video which mainly focused on breakfast and a few other stocked foods has drawn in nearly three million views and counting.

Courtesy of @tokyogirl92

The short video which included snapshots of aisles featuring decorated desserts and snacks, apparently 7-Eleven’s in Tokyo, Japan also serve fresh smoothies on tap!

Courtesy of @tokyogirl92

And let’s not forget about the ready-made meals and the baked bread aisle which included mouth-watering stuffed sandwiches and chocolate chip breadsticks!

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As the TikToker was choosing a meal to eat for breakfast, she picks from several pre-packed smoothies made with all-natural ingredients and selects the banana with kale.

Courtesy of @tokyogirl92

After putting the pre-packed drink in a machine that blends it for you, the video ends with Alisa happily walking away with a perfectly blended green smoothie; and one that coincidentally matched her outfit!

Courtesy of @tokyogirl92

TikTokers were quick to comment on their fascination by the 7-Eleven tour, comparing the differences between Japans and the ones located in the United States.

Courtesy of @tokyogirl92

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