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Amber Heard Takes The Stand and Nobody is Buying Her Story

The day has come where Amber Heard has taken the stand in the trial against Johnny Depp.

For the last few weeks we’ve heard the story from Johnny Depp along with the evidence presented and basically everyone right now is team Johnny.

Now, of course there is two sides to every story BUT nobody is buying Amber’s side.

Amber has been caught in lie after lie and her evidence has been lacking.

Now, as she tells her side of the story on the stand, nobody believes her.

She seems to stutter, pretend cry without any actual tears, and her story seems all over the place.

People who have been watching the live stream can’t help but notice how much she seems to be “acting”.

She tries to paint herself like a hero and that she saved Johnny’s life so many times.

She constantly tried to make him out to be a drug addict and abuser.

While he did (and has been open with the fact) admit that he did struggle with drug abuse, we’ve yet to see actual evidence that he actually was abusive to Amber.

Honestly, I think her fake cries is what really gets me. She can just stop the act now.

You can watch her live testimony here.