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“Cardens” Are The New Trend And I Absolutely Need One In My Car

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It wasn’t too long ago that it was cool to have a dancing hula girl or a waving dog bobblehead on your dashboard.

But, the times they are a changing — and now the NEW cool thing is to have a “carden” inside your vehicle, front-and-center for all to see and admire.

A “carden” is exactly what it sounds like — a garden in your car, usually on the dashboard somewhere.

I’m not going to lie — I LOVE this idea so much!!

It seems that succulents are the hardiest plants that can take the heat of the car — after all, you can usually find them in the desert, so it makes sense.

People are getting really creative with their “cardens.”

Whether they are doing the full dash “carden” or just toting around plants in their cup holders — it’s all fabulous in my book!!

Just take a look at some of these “cardens,” and maybe get some good ideas for your own!

What do you think about the “carden” trend?

Are you ready to take the plunge, and let your green thumb meet your lead foot?

I say go for it — and I want to see all the pictures!!

Hey — you could even take your love for all things Golden Girls, and add this Sophia Succulent Planter into the mix!!


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  1. great , if in a car wreck , get full of cactus needles along with other injuries.

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