Leggings Are Life, But Maybe They Shouldn’t Be

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My leggings made me fat.

Okay, it wasn’t actually the legging that made me fat. It probably had more to do with the cookies and pasta I was shoving in my face.

Leggings are pants, right? Turns out, they are MAGIC pants. Wear them exclusively for a year, and you will gain 2 dress sizes before you even know it!

I went to put on jeans for the first time in a year. I couldn’t get them up my leg.

I immediately ripped them off, thinking I had put on a pair of my daughter’s jeans.

I took a closer second look at them. No, they were definitely mine.

I tried to put them on again. I shimmied and shook. There was literally no getting them over my butt.


A year of wearing this legwear, that I so desperately loved, had turned me into a marshmallowy, slightly larger version of myself.

How the heck did this happen?

I’ll tell you how. I wore those leggings like they were life. I also ate like I was trying to save my life. Thanks to my super-soft, stretchable leggings, I had gained a BUNCH of weight, and didn’t even realize it!

Now I sit here, with a pair of jeans 3/4 of the way up my legs, planning my trip to the gym tomorrow!

Maybe leggings ARE pants, but that doesn’t mean I should wear them exclusive to everything else in my closet!

Here’s to a healthier, happier me! Let this be a PSA for you. If you love the leggings, like I do, maybe you should make sure your other pants still fit. You’re welcome.

Here are Five Totally Fun Ways To Lose Weight. I’m going to try them right now!

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