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5 Totally Fun Ways to Lose Weight and Feel Awesome!

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I have little or no patience when it comes to losing weight and being healthier. It can be like the worst thing EVER if it’s a drag. But I’m not messing around this year with un-fun, draggy-pants weight loss. Nope. I’ve made a pledge (to myself) to lose weight and have fun doing it! I’ll be starting with these totally Fun Ways to Lose Weight and Feel Awesome!

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  • Sniff instead of snack. Not that I’m a huge midnight snacker or anything like that, but there’s been some research that says that people actually eat less when they take a big whiff of peppermint, apples, or some other fragrant fruit in place of a snack. I really like the way these things smell anyway, so I’m thinking I might just have to diffuse peppermint oils around snack time instead of chomping down.
  • Walking with my hubby before dinner. Here’s the key, apparently, if you walk before you eat, that will make you a little less hungry. But if you run, then, it’s like the opposite happens. This whole thing also has to be a life-change and there’s no way I’m going to be able to incorporate running into my life for more than a week! LOL! So, we’re going to take a quick walk (maybe 20 minutes) every evening before dinner…Super fun!
  • Simply eat healthier. I’m going for the gold on this one. I have an incredibly difficult time cooking meals that are healthy and it’s no fun for me at all to make things that I then totally feel bad eating because they’re not healthy…it’s a vicious cycle! So, I’ve entered the Nutrisystem Pledge To Lose Contest.  Healthier lifestyle changes should always be this easy. 

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  • Put that fork down after EVERY bite. I’m not a super-slow eater like I want to be. I rush through every meal as if it’s my last–and I have no idea why. What that does is lets me eat more food than my body has time to register I’ve eaten, then I’m so full afterward that I feel like I might throw-up! I want to slow myself down and enjoy my meal more–and maybe eat less quantity. So, simple trick: putting my fork (or spoon or whatever) down after every bite. Chew, swallow, talk, then pick up my utensil and proceed!
  • Brush my teeth after each meal. Apparently, that minty feeling you get after those bristles have done their scrubbing works something like that sniff of a peppermint. It signals to your brain (or stomach or something) that dinner is over and you don’t need anymore to eat. My dentist will love it, plus, it’s a great habit to be in anyway and gets rid of any pesky bits stuck between my teeth. Win-win-win, right?! LOL!

If you want to join me in the #PledgeToLose contest with Nutrisystem Diet Plans, you should hurry! This is the last week. If you’re getting-in a little late, you can always Join Nutrisystem on Facebook.Nutrisystem_pledge_to_lose_image

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  1. Scientists actually found out that brushing your teeth immediately after eating is incredibly bad for your teeth, the acids from the food you just ate get pushed into your enamel, causing them to erode. Swishing water in your mouth and waiting at least thirty minutes prevents this. Also, drinking a glass of water right before eating helps you not eat as much

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