You Can Get ‘Trolls World Tour’ Oreos Complete With Pink Glitter Creme

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Y’all, I’m absolutely giddy over this collab! Oreo has teamed up with the movie Trolls World Tour, to bring us these super cool limited edition cookies!

Courtesy of markie_devo on Instagram

They consist of a vanilla Oreo cookie with pink creme in the middle. PINK! Not only is the creme pink, but — are you sitting down — it is glittery!! GAH! I just might need them all.

The movie, Trolls World Tour is set to be released in April, and we are supposed to get these totally amazing cookies in March!

That gives me TWO things to totally be looking forward to! Yay!

No word yet on which stores will be selling these cookies, but I’m guessing you can probably pick them up where you usually find your Oreo cookies!

You know I’ll be camping out in the aisle of my local Walmart, until they make their grand appearance!

Courtesy of markie_devo on Instagram

And, I’m totally freaking insanely giddy over the Trolls World Tour movie! The FIRST Trolls movie was EPIC. I can’t wait for this one to be more of the same.

It’s set to drop April 17th, and I’ll be FIRST in line at the theatre!

OH, you can BET I’ll be packing some of these Trolls World Tour Oreos in my purse to see THIS movie!!

Courtesy of markie_devo on Instagram

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