This Sun Monitor Bracelet Notifies You When You’ve Had Too Much Sun

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Summer is upon us and that means sunburns for many. But, not if you have a UV monitoring bracelet.


Those of us with fair skin are especially grateful for the SunFriend bracelet, but all skin types can benefit from a little monitoring.

The SunFriend Bracelet warns you when you have reached the point where you are going to have a sunburn.

It takes into account how much sun you’re taking in and your skin type.

To check where you are you push the “Check UV” button. It lights up from 1-11 and when you reach 11 you know it’s time to get out of the sun.

This pale skinned redhead is excited about this one.

If you’re not paying attention, the bracelet will notify you when you reach 11 by flashing its lights.

This little gem is waterproof to 3 meters. That is a little under 10 feet. I’ll never go deeper than that!

The battery will last 3 years. The adjustable (to 9 inches) band comes in several different colors.

This is a win for all skin types. Sunblock never blocks it all and kids still want to stay in the sun longer than you say. The SunFriend bracelet can help them monitor their sun exposure themselves!

Doctors have warned we are becoming Vitamin D deficient but warn us also that too much sun exposure can cause skin cancer.

The Sunfriend Bracelet really allows the best of both worlds!

So the whole family can come in from a day in the sun without painful sunburns!

You can get the Sunfriend Bracelet on Amazon Here.

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