Zoom Zoom!

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Recently, I had the opportunity to drive the Mazda 3. First off let me say this isn’t just any small car. This thing has the zoom zoom.

Mazda 3 has zoom zoom


I was a little worried about the pick-up in the car. Would it really go fast, was I going to mind driving it on and off the suicide Highway ramps in my hometown? Well, let me just tell you… it was awesome. I had no problem getting on and off the highway, and I loved the way it handled at faster speeds! Plus, I could drive the thing forever… almost literally. The Mazda 3 has this crazy technology called Skyactiv that makes it so you can get an insane amount of miles on a tank. Seriously. It’s like twice as much as you would normally get.

And that’s awesome because I hate going to the gas station.


Skyactiv Technology for Mazda 3And man oh man does this car look good. I LOVE the way it looks like it’s smiling when you drive it around.

Smiling Mazda 3

See? Look how freakin’ happy that little guy looks!

I know what you want to see though… you want to see the inside. That’s the part of the car we all spend most of our time in anyway, right? Well, it’s super fancy.

all the room in the mazda 3


Pretty, right?

Would I drive this car again? Heck yes I would I love it.



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