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How To Protect Your Car From Extreme Heat

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It’s only 109º outside. No biggie.

I’m dying!

You may think it’s h.o.t. outside, but did you know that this extreme heat can actually damage your vehicle?

I worry about my car overheating every single time I get stuck in traffic these days, but that’s not the only danger you need to watch out for.

How Extreme Heat Can Damage Your Vehicle

Your Car’s Battery – High temperatures affect the chemical process inside your car’s battery. It can make it harder for the battery to hold a charge. You should check it and replace that battery as necessary.

Your Car’s Tires – This extreme heat can also be damaging to your car’s tires. The tire pressure can change, making your tires susceptible to uneven wear. It makes it even worse when the pavement is scorching. You want to test your tire pressure frequently, and adjust as needed.

Your Car’s Coolant Levels – If your coolant gets too low, it can affect the circulation of engine fuel, and this can prevent your car from starting. Check those levels, and keep your coolant filled.

Your Car’s Interior – You know those seats get HOT with the sun beating in the windows all day long. That can cause cracks and damage to the interior of your vehicle.

What Else Can You Do To Protect Your Car From Extreme Heat?

Park in the shade. I know, it can be hard to come by. But, look for a shady spot if possible, and park your vehicle there.

Inspect your vehicle every time you get in it to drive. Better safe than sorry!

Give your car a checkup at least twice a year. That means checking your battery, tire pressure, and coolant levels.

I take my car down to the mechanic, and just have them check everything to make sure I’m good to go in this heat.

Use a sun shade if possible. This helps keep the sun from beating down on your car’s interior through the windows.

You can get a good Car Sunshade from websites like Amazon.


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