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Pop-Tarts Just Added A Banana Crème Pie Flavor To The Summer Line-Up

Just a few days ago I told you about Pop-Tarts introducing 3 new flavors for summer.

Those flavors are Peach Cobbler, Lemon Crème Pie, and Tropical Mango, well now we can add one more to the list to try!


Pop-Tarts is also adding a Banana Crème Pie flavor to the summertime flavors being released. My husband loves Banana Crème Pie!

sweetiepsbakedgoods – Instagram

Even though Banana Crème Pie is super easy to make, I don’t make it often enough for him. I’m just not that great of a baker, and I have no problems admitting that.

I’m hoping that having a box of these in the cupboard will fill-in for when he gets that craving!

I had mentioned in my other Pop-Tarts post that we use Pop-Tarts more for a sweet snack rather than a breakfast food.

So having a few varieties on hand is a must.

The new Banana Crème Pie flavor has the soft bake dough as a crust that we all know and love. Then the inside is filled with the fruit-flavored filling and topped with frosting.

They come in a 16-count box and will cost about $3.68 per box.

Now, this flavor is exclusive and you’ll only be able to buy them from Walmart. The new flavor is set to hit the Walmart shelves in June 2021.