Costco is Selling Pumpkin Pie Dessert Spread and I Need A Spoonful

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Oh my sweet little pumpkin pie angels. Look what was spotted at Costco, the KING (Queen?) of all things grocery.

You may look at this and think, “Hmm. Another pumpkin pie filling.” NO! You’d be wrong-o!

Although, technically, I guess you could use this in your pumpkin pie, it is actually ITS OWN PUMPKIN DESSERT in a tub!!

This, my friends, is Delighted By Desserts Pumpkin Pie spread. According to the package, it is a dessert you can dip, spread, or enjoy with a spoon.

It calls itself a dessert hummus, and that is kind of EXACTLY what it is!!

While they DO have this delicious pumpkin masterpiece at stores like Target, you can get the BIG size at Costco — of course!

This creamy spread — err dip — err dunkable perfection is only one of many Delighted By Desserts flavors, but it is pretty perfect for the time of year, don’t you think?!?

You have GOT to try this dessert hummus! It is so good with graham crackers! I even like to mix some in my morning oatmeal or drop a bit in my morning smoothy. SO YUMMY!!

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