Vanilla Cannoli Crème Coffee Creamer Is Here So You Can Have Dessert For Breakfast

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You can totally get CANNOLI coffee creamer, and now we can have dessert for breakfast!!

This quarantine has turned my into a coffee ADDICT. I mean, I was pretty much a coffee-holic before, but this quarantine has made it so much worse!


I go through the creamer like WATER, and I’m always looking for something yummy and new to add to my coffee.


This is DEFINITELY yummy. Have you had a cannoli before? It is sweet, it is creamy, there is fried dough involved — it is freaking amazing!!


This International Delight creamer is technically called Vanilla Cannoli Crème Latte creamer, and it has been spotted in grocery stores across the country.

It seems this Cannoli flavor is a tad bit hard to find. I don’t really understand why. This flavor sounds like HEAVEN!

Now, whether YOUR local grocery store carries this flavor is TOTALLY up to whomever orders the creamers at the store.


I just did a quick internet search of MY local grocery stores, and it doesn’t appear to be in stock.

So, I’m totally going up to the customer service desk next time I am at Walmart, and asking them to order a case or three.

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