How To Make 3-Ingredient Steamed Coffee and Milk At Home

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This really could NOT be easier. And, I couldn’t be more obsessed.

I do not know about you, but I am having SERIOUS withdrawals from going in to my local coffee shop, and having a Barista whip up their magic by making me a tasty beverage concoction.

You know what I miss the most? My Cafe Au Lait, or Cafe Misto, as it’s called at Starbucks. You know, that tasty, sweet coffee and steamed milk.

Well, thank my lucky stars, I can make this heavenly caffeinated beverage at home, and it’s pretty dang close to the original.


Start by brewing up some coffee. I don’t care what kind. I don’t care if it’s flavored — though that may be rather tasty! I don’t care if it comes from a generic store, of if you paid a pretty penny at a coffee shop. It’s coffee. Just make it.

Now, take about a cup of milk — the more fat, the better — and heat it up on the stove. Don’t let it come to a boil, but wait until it is ALMOST at a boil.


Take the milk off the heat, and WITHOUT BURNING YOURSELF, you are going to whip up that milk.


I use a hand mixer on medium speed for about thirty seconds. You can get fancy, and use a milk frother. You can EVEN whisk it by hand — use those arm muscles. You just want it to turn out frothy and foamy.


Pour your coffee into a mug — about half full.

Sweeten it however you like — sugar, brown sugar, stevia, syrup, and Splenda are all GREAT choices. Just choose one.


Stir it up well.

Slowly add in the whipped milk. Stir slightly.


THERE YOU HAVE IT!! Cafe Au Lait, Cafe Misto, or Coffee and Whipped Milk — whatever you want to call it.


All you need to know is that it is so good! Be careful, and Enjoy!

Cafe Au Lait

Delicious Coffee and 'Steamed' Milk
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Author: Totally The Bomb


  • Brewed Coffee
  • Milk The More Fat, The Better
  • Sweetener


  • Brew up your coffee
  • Warm milk on the stove or in a kettle
  • Don’t let milk boil, but bring it to just under a boil
  • CAREFULLY whip the milk using a hand mixer, milk frother, or a whisk
  • Pour half a cup of coffee in a mug
  • Add sweetener to the coffee
  • Stir
  • Add Whipped Milk
  • Enjoy!
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