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Mike’s Hard Lemonade Will Actually Pay You To Take A Day Off Of Work. Here’s How.

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Mike’s Hard Lemonade is paying people to take a day off work.

Mike’s Hard Lemonade

Yes, I’m serious.

What’s the catch, you ask?

There doesn’t appear to be ANY catch.

Maybe you want one last summer HURRAH! Maybe you want to greet the fall season with open arms.

Mike’s Hard Lemonade wants to actually PAY you to take a day off work and do just that. Have fun!!

Mike’s Hard Lemonade

They are gifting select people $200 — an average day’s pay — to break out of your office rut and get your relaxation on.

Mike’s Hard Lemonade

Or, maybe you want to spend the day partying it up. You do you, boo!!

You have to jump on this deal fast, because they are only giving away money until September 28th.

This is NOT a joke. I’m dead serious.

According to Fox 7, Mike’s Hard Lemonade will actually gift you the funds via Venmo or Zelle.

It really couldn’t be easier!

In order to sign up for MTO (Mike’s Time Off), simply go to the Mike’s Hard Lemonade website and give them your info!!

Mike’s Hard Lemonade

Good luck!! If you win, I want to see pictures of what you do on your day off!!

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