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You Can Get Waffles That Are Stuffed With Salted Caramel, Chocolate, Or Strawberry Filling And I Need Them Now!

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I don’t often eat breakfast, but if there are waffles available… I’m totally eating!

I’m fine with plain waffles, I especially love blueberry waffles though… however now there are some new waffles available and I need to try them as soon as possible.

They’re called Waf*FULLS and when they first came out back in 2018 they weren’t available in the United States… only the U.K.!

Now things have changed and they’ve made their way across the pond to us here in North America and I’m super excited about it!

Waf*FULLS are waffles that are stuffed with filling to fill your belly with!

They come in three flavors:

  • Double Choc (a chocolatey waffle with chocolate filling)
  • Strawberry (a vanilla waffle with strawberry filling)
  • Salted Caramel (a chocolatey waffle with salted caramel cream filling)

If you live in the U.K you can also get them in the following flavors:

  • Vanilla
  • Choco-Hazelnut
  • Apple

If they sell well here in the states, maybe we can also get those other flavors!

Ok, get ready for even better news…

Waf*FULLS do not need to be frozen, refrigerated, or even heated up!

You just unwrap these magical treats and eat them on the spot!

Each box is 8.8 ounces and contains 5 individually wrapped stuffed waffles!

They’ve been spotted in Walmart stores, but they do show as sold out on the website… so check your local stores quickly!

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