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Here’s How You Can Get Free Starbucks Every Day For A Month

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Starbucks just released their new Brewed Refill Tumbler, and when you purchase it for just $40 you can go back to Starbucks for thirty days to get it filled up for free with hot coffee or tea.

Yup, that’s right– once you get this cup, you can go back to Starbucks for a free Grande coffee or tea every single day all month long.

Jade Citrus Mint, will I get tired of you if I drink you all month long? Hah, who am I kidding? That would be impossible!

Okay, sure you can get free Starbucks all month long, but with the travel cup setting you back $40 is it actually worth it?

Well, if you figure that the average cup of coffee is about $2.60, you will be saving about $40 bucks if you go to Starbucks every day. And, naturally you will be there every day, right?

PLUS you get to keep the cup too, and it’s super cute.

So, if you guys need me, I will be at Starbucks. All month long.

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