You Can Stay and Play with Alpacas At A Farm In Ireland and I’m Packing My Bags

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I’m an Irish girl through and through and I have never been to Ireland! It is on my list of things to do before I die and it just got bumped WAY up the list!


So I have a HUGE love for Alpacas. Not LLAMAS. Alpacas! I used to live next to a lady that owned a bunch of them and they are the sweetest animals ever!


I’ve even helped with birthing! The babies are so soft and cuddly! I truly do love them.


Hushabye Farm is located in the foothills of the Slieve Blooms on the Laois /Offaly border in Southern Ireland.


Paul and Liz MacDonnell purchased the farm in 2010. They run it with the help of their children.


There isn’t a Television and there isn’t any Wifi! I absolutely LOVE that! As much as we all want to work and keep up with everything and everyone, we all need to take a dang break!

The Lodge @ Hushabye Farm/Air Bnb

Everything about this calls to me! A time to unplug, reset, and ultimately renew.

The Lodge @ Hushabye Farm/Air Bnb

The farm offers a ton of activities too! My favorite, of course, would be the photography workshops. I’m always looking to learn more about my trade.


They also have guided walks, alpaca trekking, and mountain biking trails!


The location of Hushabye Farm is near a lot of amazing places to explore. Like the Slieve Bloom Mountains, Birr Castle, Lough Boora Park, Emo Park and much more!


Heaven y’all! Pure HEAVEN! You have two choices at HushaBye Farm, The Lodge or Jack Wright’s.

The Lodge – Hushabye Farm

The Lodge is an adorable cottage. It has Alpaca bedding! The pillows and quilts are made of Alpaca fleece.

Jack Wright’s – Hushabye Farm

Jack Wright’s is another cottage and it is located in a secluded area with stunning views. I’m in for either! Let’s go!

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