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The Grandma and Teen She Accidentally Invited To Thanksgiving Dinner Are Celebrating 8 Years!

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I cannot believe it was 8 years ago where the viral story took place involving a grandma that accidentally text the wrong person inviting them to Thanksgiving dinner…

If you haven’t heard of this heartwarming story with a happy ending, here is how the story went…

Back in 2016, grandmother Wanda sent a text message inviting her grandson to Thanksgiving dinner. Only, it wasn’t actually sent to her grandson.

Wanda accidentally text the wrong number – a man named Jamal and Jamal had the best response to her text:

You not my grandma. Can I still get a plate tho.

Jamal Hinton text reply to Wanda Dench

And as you can imagine, Wanda had the best reply:

Of course you can. That’s what grandma’s do …feed every one.

Wanda Dench reply text to Jamal Hinton

And the rest is history.

Every year since that year, the two have been spending Thanksgiving together and the world has loved seeing every moment of it.

Sadly, Wanda’s husband (grandpa) passed away in 2020 but they have since continued the tradition with having his picture at Thanksgiving dinner in his honor.


And this marks the 8th year they’ve continued the tradition.

Not only are these two supposed to be getting a Netflix show (we haven’t heard any additional details about this) but they are also celebrating Thanksgiving this year with airbnb.

According to Jamal’s social media:

To celebrate our eighth Thanksgiving together (yes, eight!), we’re partnering with @airbnb this year to host a couple extra seats at our table 🦃
Booking for our favorite holiday tradition opens November 14 at 11am MST at the link in our bios. Join us!


While the sign-ups have closed, this sounds like such a fun tradition and I love that they celebrate and do this each and every year.

You can read all about their airbnb Thanksgiving event here.

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