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Sometimes my little brother is so entitled…

brotherI love my brother, let me just get that out of the way. We grew up very close. I am from a tight knit family, and we talk to each other a lot.

He just called me to find out when Mom’s flight is landing and decided to cop a little attitude in the middle of the conversation.

Guess what little bro… I’m not your Mom. I have a kid, and she’s the only person I am going to deal with that sort of entitled attitude from. I don’t really care to hear it from you. Okay?

The thing is this… he’s borrowing my mom’s car while he’s out of town, right? So- it stands to reason that he should be ready to get her when she comes home. But, instead he’s all throwing a fit.

Seriously little bro. I’m not so much going to listen to that busines…got it?