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Ten Reasons I shouldn’t play World of Warcraft

world_of_warcraft_logoOkay, so I haven’t been playing WoW for a while now, and I have been really proud of myself. It’s a super addicting game that I never should have fallen in love with, but I miss the crap out of it.

Let me just preface this by saying that right now I am writing this blog post on one screen, and on the doing my fishing daily on the other… so yeah.

10. I get pissed when I raid and things don’t go the way I want them to. It’s very frustrating.

Thinking about raids actually can kind of consumes me. So and so shouldn’t stand in fire. Why was that guy being such an butt last night just because I stood in fire. Who does she think she is trying to get gear when everyone knows she didn’t come to the last raids. It’s bad.

9. It’s a vast and endless game that I will never complete.300_52411

The thing about video games is that when you finish them, you get a sense of accomplishment. It’s nice to feel like you’ve finished something, and it makes you geel all warm and fuzzy inside. With warcraft I didn’t get that.

8. My house gets messy.

You see the time for playing the WoW is in the evenings, and well… that is also a great time to pick up the mess my daughter has made all over the place. When I am raiding… I can’t really do that.

7. I gained weight last time.

Instead of going outside and actually exercising, I spend a lot of my free time in front of the computer. Last time I had to work extra hard to get rid of my warcraft weight. I don’t really feel like doing that again.

6. I wrote a freaking book in my free time.1194985964685568101stara_ksiega_-_old_book_01svgmed

Seriously, when I quit playing last time I wrote a book with all the free time warcraft had consumed my life with. I would like to finish my next one, and I don’t actually see that happening with late night raiding back in my schedule.

5. Wrath just isn’t as cool as The Burning Crusade.

Yeah, I said it. Wrath of the Lich King ain’t got nuthin on the awesomeness that is The Burning Crusade. I loved the cuter than cute instances and all the super fun quests. Wrath feel s a little rushed to me. Oh, and don’t even get me started on how ridiculous it is that you can’t fly in Dalaran. Give us Shatt back. If they’d put a portal in to Dalaran, I’m convinced that we’d all go back and hang out in Shatt just so we wouldn’t have to deal with running all around the city all the time. ugh.

4. My marriage is better.

When you spend all your free time playing a video game, there isn’t much time for hanging out with the husband. The irony is that I actually bought our copies of warcraft so we could hang out with each other. He quit playing like a year and a half ago…

3. I don’t have to keep pimping out my computer.

Other than Warcraft, the only things I use my computer for are instant messaging and web browsing. Why the heck do I need a super fancy mouse, keyboard, video card, dual monitors, and surround sound speakers? I am just fine with my laptop, and I can take that with me everywhere! Maybe I could even eliminate the desktop all together and JUST work on the laptop.in_real_life

2. I have time to hang out with real life friends and do actual real life things.

When I was really into warcraft, I would pick hanging out with my WoW buddies in Azeroth any day over going to the movies with girlfriends and grabbing some dinner. Now, if someone calls… I don’t make up an excuse to stay home and pwn monsters and junk.

1. Halle

She’s only young once… do I really want to spend that time in front of a computer screen?

Now, excuse me while I go check my auctions…

Jeff Keys

Sunday 29th of September 2019

"Wrath just isn’t as cool as The Burning Crusade." ha... if only you knew how much worse things were going to get! Now we look back on Wrath with thick nostalgia goggles...


Thursday 10th of October 2019

hahah you are so, so right.

Rick O

Thursday 29th of October 2009

How did I know it was time to give up on WoW? I made this chart:

I got to ZA and SSC and my Naaru title and the farm bosses in Sunwell ... and even that close to "the end", I still wasn't as excited about it as I am about running and writing.

It's a fun little diversion, as long as it stays a little diversion.


Friday 8th of May 2009

You SOOOO sound like my boys. They would just sit there for hours. I would come out @ 2am to shooo them to sleep.

They tried explaining it to me, but no can do. I have other games addictions so i totally get it!

Erin Hill

Friday 8th of May 2009

Too funny! Reminds me of when I was addicted to Final Fantasy. I guess I won't even try looking into Warcraft, then.

Heather @ Girly Blog Designz

Thursday 7th of May 2009

I have never played World of Warcraft - but I keep hearing it is SO addicting so that's enough to keep me away from it, lol.

I think your list is great - and I agree with #1 completely. :)