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Dan Levy Is All Of Us In This SNL Zillow Skit

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SNL is REALLY tapping into its target market with their SNL Zillow skit that aired on Saturday.

Courtesy of SNL on YouTube

I’m not going to lie, I go to Zillow at least once a day.

Courtesy of Zillow

If you are living under a rock — or maybe you’re under the age of 25, and don’t yet care about such things — Zillow is a website where you go to dream about find houses — either to buy or rent.

You can even go to Zillow, and look at houses that are WAY out of your price range, just to fantasize that you can somehow afford to live a life of glamor and wealth.

Saturday night, on SNL, Dan Levy was involved in a skit that had to do with the website that is gloriously known as Zillow, and it turns out he really, really, really likes spending time on the site.

As we all do.

Courtesy of Rosalind O’Connor / SNL

Are you bored? Looking for something to spice up your life? You used to want sex, but you’re in your late 30’s now — Sex isn’t really doing it for me anymore — You need something new. Something exciting — I need a new fantasy — Then you need Zillow dot com.

SNL cast begins the Zillow skit
Courtesy of SNL on YouTube

Cut to several other 30-somethings — including Levy — seductively scrolling through the Zillow website.

I wanna f-f-f-flip that.

SNL Zillow skit
Courtesy of SNL on YouTube

The pleasure you once got from sex now comes from looking at other people’s houses.

Ego Nwodim in the SNL Zillow skit

And the thing is, this ad hits too painfully close to home. Ha!! My friends and I have a text thread that is solely dedicated to houses we find on Zillow.

Courtesy of SNL on YouTube

I would say I feel personally attacked by this SNL skit, but I can’t even be mad. It’s spot on. LOL!

Courtesy of SNL on YouTube

Zillow knows what’s up. They even tweeted about the skit on — well — Twitter.

I’m glad to see that I’m not alone in my love affair with the Zillow website. Other’s started taking to Twitter to show their “outrage” at the SNL ad. Ha!


See the full SNL Zillow skit with Dan Levy below.

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