Starbucks is Facing a $5 Million Lawsuit Over Alleged Discrimination Against Lactose Intolerant People

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Are we serious right now? Discrimation over milk alternative prices?

Starbucks is currently being sued for 5 million dollars in a lawsuit filed by 3 customers.

They say that the price difference is discriminatory towards people who are lactose intolerant or allergic to dairy.

I’m going to put it out there right now that I have a TON of allergies. Not intolerances, but allergies that can be anaphylactic.

I have had anaphylactic reactions due to cross-contamination, no way for me to prevent that.

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So yea, I get it that allergies and intolerances are a thing and can make people very sick.

However, I do not agree that it is discriminatory to charge more for nut milk and milk replacements.

When I go to the grocery store to buy milk for my family I see the price differences in stores.

I buy whole milk and then I buy non-dairy oat milk for myself. I pay more for the non-dairy milk.

If a company is purchasing a non-dairy milk at a higher cost than traditional cow milk, you are going to see that price added on to your drinks.

Same if you wanted to get goats milk somewhere instead of cows milk.

Things cost different prices because they are different products, this is not discrimination.

Someone even said it is an ADA violation… but I don’t see how that is true because they are offering the option as an accommodation for those that want or need it.

Credit image: Starbucks

I dunno, maybe I think about things differently, but I just do not see this as discrimination. Would I like to pay less? Of course I would, but I can also choose to make my coffee at home can’t I?

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