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Kanye West Has Already Decided What He Wants In His Next Relationship

The Kim and Kayne divorce isn’t even finalized yet but that isn’t stopping Kayne from deciding what he wants in his next relationship…

I won’t lie, if I ever got a divorce, the last thing I’d be thinking about is my next relationship but to each their own…


According to reports, Kayne has already decided what he wants in his next mate and it’s basically the opposite of Kim Kardashian.



According to a Page Six source, Kayne is looking for “an artist or a creative person” to help fulfill his emotional needs in a relationship so that “they can speak the same language to each other,”.


Now, I do find that a bit strange. I mean, I’d say that Kim is quite creative at least when it comes to marketing herself and ya know, making herself become a billionaire.

But who am I to say?


Maybe he means he wants more of a musical artist?

Perhaps that was part of the problem in their marriage is that, Kim seems to be openly into politics and working towards her law degree (in addition to her other businesses).


Kayne on the other hand is wanting to build up his clothing and music businesses (which he is often known to do at night).


So, they just had two different lifestyles and it just seemed to have fallen apart.

Nonetheless, let’s just hope they can both find happiness one day.