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9 Shocking Facts That Didn’t Make The ‘Tiger King’ Docuseries

It’s no doubt that the new documentary series ‘Tiger King’ on Netflix is outrageously shocking in every aspect.

Just when you think you’ve wrapped your brain around the concept of this story, another episode plays and you’re sitting on the couch trying to soak it all in.

There are seven total episodes in ‘Tiger King’ and before you think “that’s not enough”, trust me when I say this, seven episodes is just the right amount because ladies and gentleman, you’re in for a whirlwind.

Get ready to be even more stir crazy, because here are 9 insane facts that weren’t included in the documentary.

Number One: Remember those music videos that Joe sang in that just looked so overdone, well, let the truth be told that Joe did not sing nor wrote all of the songs in the series.

According to Author and Podcaster Robert Moor, the band, the Clinton Johnson Band, is responsible for some of those popular tracks that were featured throughout the series.

Number Two: Doc Antle’s Park Myrtle Beach Safari, remains open even during the pandemic. Apparently social distancing has blown right over Doc’s head.

Towards the end of the show, Doc’s park is raided in December of 2019. Although we may not know the reason why the park was raided, what we do know is that his park is still open even after the raid, according to Variety.

Number Three: We all know that Joe Exotic was married to two men at once, who of which were John and Travis. Currently, Joe is now only married to the one and only Dillion.

But what’s even more surprising is that Joe was actually married to first husband Brian Rhyne, who passed away from complications of HIV. In the meantime, Joe Exotic was briefly married to another man by the name of J.C. Hartpence, according to New York Magazine, making it five husbands in total.

Number Four: Shaquille O’ Neal was featured once in ‘Tiger King’ when he visited Joe Exotic’s zoo. Well, according to Eric Goode who is the co-director of the show, Jeff Lowe has reached out to the NBA star to be a potential investor for his new park that he wishes to open in Oklahoma.

Number Five: Carole Baskin has been the recent talk of the town lately and the secrets just keep unfolding.

Robert Moor has revealed on his Twitter account, that Carole had a relationship with a man named Jay Baykal, after her husband went missing. Jay also filed a restraining order against Baskin. That’s two men that filed restraining orders against Carole, Jay Baykal and missing husband, Don Lewis.

Courtesy of Robert Moor

Number Six: Now this one comes as a bit of a shock to me. During the documentary, we see Joe Exotic’s production studio burnt to a crisp that included hours of footage for a reality series of Joe Exotic’s life.

Robert Moor found the police officer in charge of the case and reached out to him via phone. The next day, Joe Exotic called Moor and was angry that he called the police officer. But the question is, is how did Joe know about the phone call? Well, it turns out that the police officer in charge of the case, was once employed as the zoo owner’s limo driver. Funny, huh?

Courtesy of Robert Moor

Number Seven: Documentarian Eric Goode has an animal obsession too. Alongside Joe Exotic and some of the other character’s in this Netflix original, Eric Goode is a herpetophile, in other words, he’s obsessed with reptiles, according to CinemaBlend.

Number Eight: Carole Baskin is unhappy with how ‘Tiger King’ portrays her character and feels that she was mislead about the content of the documentary.

On her website,, she states that she was led to believe that the directors of Netflix wanted to make “a big cat version of Blackfish”, which ultimately would be exposing the abuse of big cats. However, according to the Los Angeles Times in an interview with directors Eric Goode and Rebecca Chaiklin, Baskin was not persuaded or forced by any of the comments she stated in ‘Tiger King’.

Number Nine: Joe Exotic is in love with the new series. As it’s stated multiple times throughout ‘Tiger King’, Joe Exotic doesn’t shy from wanting to be famous. According to Eric Goode who told the Los Angeles Times, Joe is “absolutely ecstatic with the idea of being famous.”

But I mean c’mon, that’s a given more so than a secret for the people that have watched the entire show already, or even if you’ve only watched the first ten minutes.