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Pink and Carey Hart’s Daughter Gave Him A Haircut and It’s Adorable

So it’s been pretty monotonous here at my house, but I haven’t reached the point of letting the kids cut my hair. Well, not yet anyhow. I’m starting to inch my way there though!

Well, Carey Hart needed a haircut and is practicing social distancing like a good guy! Which means no barbershop for a bit! So he decided why not let Willow Sage help give him one!

In a video the Pink shared on her Instagram, you can see Willow taking electric hair clippers straight down the middle of Carey’s head! They call it “full metal quarantine” and I love it!

After letting Willow have a bit of fun, Carey Hart finishes the job himself. Good sport! I know my husband would totally do the same! I mean, it’s only hair, right?

When you can’t get to a barber, you just get rid of it.


You can see the before and after videos for yourself! I think he pulls it off great! Be sure to watch the second video in the Instagram post below! You’ll appreciate it!