This Nurse’s TikTok Video Shows Us How She Must Decontaminate After Every Shift

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There is a nurse on TikTok that has gone viral for showing us her decontamination routine.

Courtesy of @jess-o-saurus on TikTok

She has to perform this ritual every time she gets off work, and it really lets everyone know what nurses have to go through to keep from bringing germs home with them.

Courtesy of @jess-o-saurus on TikTok

She works in ICU, which is the HOT BED for taking care of sick patients. She never knows WHAT she has to deal with, so she makes certain she is doing the BEST she can not to bring these illnesses home to her family.

Courtesy of @jess-o-saurus on TikTok

As a nurse, I can tell you, there is a whole routine that we go through when we get off our shifts, even on the BEST days at work.

Courtesy of @jess-o-saurus on TikTok

This includes taking off shoes in the parking lot, and keeping them in a separate bin or bag. We ALWAYS have a pair of shoes in the car to throw on after work.


For me, there was usually a towel I would sit on, and a towel behind my back.

You never know WHAT is lingering on shoes and clothing, and you SURE don’t want to bring the oogey bugs home with you.


And, then, once you get home, you ALWAYS throw the clothes right in the washing machine, the shoes stay outside, and you get a shower before you do anything else!

THIS nurse has to work with the sickest of the sick patients, so she SURE needs to be extra careful in what she does to protect herself and her family.


This is why we need to be helping the medical community in any way that we can.


Watch the TikTok video, below.


In case anyone was wondering how seriously we ICU nurses are taking this: here is my routine. ##ButterGlossPop ##artistsoftiktok ##nurselife ##covid19

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