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Disney Is Selling A Nightmare Before Christmas Mug Complete With A Sally Spoon

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I’ll never have too much of Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas goodies! As I have mentioned previously, Tim Burton is my favorite. His movies and characters are the best! This Jack Skellington Mug with Spoon is simply meant to be mine!


In the unlikely event Dr. Finkelstein is preparing your brew of ”Deadly Night Shade” it’s good to be prepared. This frightfully fun mug and spoon set is inspired by the memorable scene in Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas where Sally pretends to sip the doctor’s deadly concoction.

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I’ve been really really good at not spending money on anything, but this is truly calling my name! It is the coolest Jack Skellington mug I have ever seen! It has a jar inspired shape, just like you would keep herbs and concoctions in! Plus it has its own matching ceramic perforated spoon!

On the back, it reads “Deadly Night Shade”, which is very cool because I love plants and herbs, even the scarier ones like Deadly Nightshade. I love that this ceramic mug is microwave and dishwasher safe! I often need to reheat my drinks and plus who wants to handwash?


The mug measures 4 3/4” high x 2 3/4” wide and holds 10 ounces. You can purchase your own The Nightmare Before Christmas Mug with Spoon for only $19.99! I think I may just have to order it!


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