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Pillsbury Released Cookie Dough Stuffed With Oreo Pieces That Can Be Eaten Raw

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Well, there went my diet. Did you see it? It flew right out the window.

Why? Because these exist.


Yes, you are seeing that correctly. That is cookie dough with REAL Oreo Cookies mixed in — just because Pillsbury is trying to torment me!


Don’t these look divine. UGH. I need them all. And, I do mean ALL — I’m not sharing. Get your own!

By Your Oreos on the Walmart Website

What makes these even better (or worse for my diet)?

They are the kind of cookie dough you can either eat raw or bake. That means, I will end up eating 10 raw cookies, and baking 2. That’s just how I roll.


These cookies are so new, they are just barely listed on the Pillsbury website.

These ready-to-bake cookies are made with OREO® cookie pieces! A quick and easy treat that the whole family will love! Simply put the cookie dough on a cookie sheet and bake. No mixing, no slicing, no mess! OREO and the OREO Wafer Design are trademarks of Mondelez International group, used under license.Buy Now

Courtesy of Pillsbury

BUT, they have been spotted at Hy-Vee stores. Man, they get ALL the good stuff first!


These do come 12 to a package, hence the reason I’ll be eating 10 of the cookie pieces. Just try not to do the same. I dare you.


Be watching your favorite grocery store for these to drop, but in the meantime, check out this Pumpkin Cheesecake Dough that looks Ah-Mazing!!


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