People Are Throwing Seeds From Fruit Out Their Windows While Driving and The Idea Is Actually Brilliant

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Pitted fruits such as strawberries, peaches, nectaries, dates or plums have seeds in the middle that are often thrown away.

Thanks to @Maria Elena Gulizia who shared the PSA on Facebook which has since gone viral, rather than throwing away the pitted seeds in your morning breakfast fruit by habit, here’s what you should do instead of feeding them to the garbage.

Secure you seeds in a small container in the car and on your morning drives on the way to work or even while coming back form the gym, throw the seeds in areas where there are no trees and watch Mother Nature do the rest of the work.

Keep in mind to wash and dry the seeds before tossing them (carefully) out the window.

In Asian countries this practice has existed for centuries and we all should follow in pursuit!

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