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Pizza Hut Now Sells A Snake Pizza And I Don’t Know How to Feel

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I think I just threw up a little bit…

Pizza Hut now sells a pizza that has an odd choice of topping.

It sounds tasty enough — at first.

It’s topped with black mushrooms and dried ham. Tasty, right?!?

But, then they go and add shredded snake, and I can’t even right now.

They have also replaced the traditional pizza sauce with abalone sauce, which supposedly adds to the richness of the snake.

Pizza Hut Hong Kong

This crazy pizza topping choice is a collab between Pizza Hut and a 125-year-old restaurant called Ser Wong Fun.

This restaurant specializes in all sorts of snake-based cuisine, and they have branched out to perfect a snake pizza for Pizza Hut.

I don’t even know what to say right now.

Before you run to grab the phone and order your own snake pizza, it is important to tell you that this pizza is only available in Hong Kong.

People in Hong Kong believe that snake is a nourishing meat that will boost the circulation of blood in the body.

My circulation is just fine, thank you. No snake needed.

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