Taco Bell Announces Plan to Bring Back The Mexican Pizza Permanently

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Taco Bell Mexican Pizza fans, this is for you!!

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Yesterday, we shared news with you that Taco Bell had already pulled the Mexican Pizza off menus.

The reason was simple – Taco Bell underestimated the demand and quickly sold out of the ingredients to make the fan favorite menu item.

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Well, nearly 24 hours later, Taco Bell has a clear message for fans – – they plan to bring back the Mexican Pizza permanently.

Taco Bell removed the Mexican Pizza from menus in 2020 and fans everywhere waited for it’s return for nearly 2 years.

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Due to the popularity of it’s return, Taco Bell didn’t plan for the demand (not sure how they didn’t) and they have sold out of it’s ingredients.

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With upsets fans everywhere, Taco Bell posted an update on their website saying:

The Mexican Pizza was returned to our menu in all its previous glory, complete with the same ingredients of seasoned beef and refried beans between two fried flour tortillas, topped with pizza sauce, our 3 cheese blend and fresh diced tomatoes. When it returns this fall, it’ll be with these same ingredients.

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They continued with:

As soon as we’re able to get the Mexican Pizza back in the hands and stomachs of our biggest fans, it’ll be for good.

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So, if you are wanting to get your hands on a Mexican Pizza, looks like you’ll have to wait until this fall.

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Want to make your own? Check out this Copycat Taco Bell Mexican Pizza recipe here.

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