Here’s How to Have A Thrifting Gift Exchange With Your Besties This Holiday Season

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This is the greatest idea ever for your next Christmas Gift Exchange.

You can do this with your besties, with your family, with your coworkers, your book club, your church group, or anyone else whom you want to exchange gifts with.

First of all, ain’t nobody got money this year. It’s been a tough one all the way around.

But, you still want to have fun and give gifts!!

So, get together with your favorite group of people and have a Thrifting Gift Exchange.

Here Are The Rules For A Thrifting Gift Exchange

You can agree on a certain size container, or you can keep it a mystery.

Some choose a wooden crate, a shoe box, a 12-pack soda box, or they just keep it random.

Now, you are going to hit up your favorite local thrift shop.

There are a couple ways to do this.

You can either have a list of things that everyone needs to include, or you can keep it under a certain amount of money — like $20 each.

Here are some ideas for filling your gift box:

  • A Christmas Candle
  • A Christmas Picture
  • A Christmas Mug
  • A Christmas Ornament
  • Christmas Stickers
  • A Christmas Card
  • A Unique Christmas Trinket
  • A Christmas CD
  • A Piece Of Christmas Jewelry
  • A Small Christmas Toy

Now, decorate that box — bonus points if you find stuff to decorate the box with at the thrift store!!

There’s nothing like recycled, sustainable gift wrapping, right?!?

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