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5 Beautiful Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas For The Holidays

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This is such a great idea for wrapping up your Christmas gifts this year.

Wrapping paper is all fine and dandy — I have like 20 rolls in my closet — but sometimes I like to go the eco-friendly route for zuzhing up my gifts.

Eco-friendly wrapping can be, not only gorgeous, but sustainably good for the environment — which is a bonus, right?!?

You might even have some of these items already in your house! Gather them up, and let’s get to wrapping!

Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas

Reusable Fabric Wrapping —

This kind of gift wrapping can also be known as Furoshiki gift wrapping, and I absolutely love it.

You just need scrap pieces of fabric in different sizes. You don’t even need tape or bows!

For directions on how to wrap your gifts in the Furoshiki style, you can go visit Invaludable.com.

Kraft Paper Wrapping —

This rustic looking wrap is completely recyclable, which is not the case with most wrapping paper.

I love the fact that you can fancy your Kraft Paper up with natural materials — think pinecones, leaves, berries, and twigs.

To get a roll or two of Kraft Paper, just head on over to the Walmart website.

Vintage Gift Wrapping —

This kind of gift wrapping is so versatile.

You can dig through your closets — I’m sure you have some things you can use on hand — or you can head out to your local thrift stores.

You can use things like vintage scarves, vintage kitchen towels, vintage cards, beautiful old jars, vintage maps, vintage bags, or even cookie tins.

Then, you can further decorate your packages with vintage jewelry, vintage ornaments, or any other cool old goodies you can pick up.

Reusable Tote Bag Gift Wrapping —

If you are anything like me, you have about 50 reusable tote bags on hand.

You can get them for like $2 at the grocery store.

Or you can get more fancy decorative Reusable Tote Bags from Amazon.

These are so great, because whoever you are giving your gift to can reuse these bags at stores or even wrap up more gifts in them.

Newspaper Gift Wrapping —

This sounds crazy, but it can be so beautiful!!

Not to mention, it’s totally recyclable.

You can get the newspaper anywhere. I get those free “Take Me” papers from the boxes outside restaurants or grocery stores.

Wrap your gifts in the newspaper, and decorate them with ribbons or with natural items like pinecones and flowers.

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