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You Can Get A Froot Loops Frenzy Game For All The Kids On Your Christmas Gift List

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This combines two of my favorite things: Breakfast cereal and family game night.

Found in the cereal aisle? Nope!!


You can now get a Froot Loops Frenzy Game, and it’s perfect for anyone ages 4 years and up.

Don’t be concerned when the front of the box tells you that it’s a “Fast-Paced Dizzy Dancin'” game.


It’s not actually you that’s doing the dancing. It’s Toucan Sam.

Thank goodness, right?!? LOL!


The point of the game is to make sure Toucan Sam doesn’t throw up when it’s your turn to feed him.

I mean WHAT?!? This sounds fantastic!

Hello, Santa? Kids are going to love this game!


This fun family Froot Loops game is less than 20 bucks, so it’s going to make the PERFECT Christmas gift for any kids on your shopping list this holiday season.

To get your own Froot Loops Frenzy Game, just head on over to the Walmart website.


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