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Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty Just Dropped 8 New Shades of Lip Oil and I Want Them All

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Selena Gomez’s makeup brand is currently dominating the makeup industry, and for good reason.

Her brand Rare Beauty, has gone viral hundreds and thousands of times on the internet for her highlighters, blotting kit, and most importantly, the fan-favorite Soft Pinch Liquid Blush!

Courtesy of @rarebeauty

The liquid blush in its cute packaging has become so popular that Rare Beauty and Selena decided to release a brand new product inspired by the blush itself.

Not to mention even the design of the new product’s bottle is exactly the same as the blush, how cute!

Courtesy of @rarebeauty

What’s dubbed their Soft Pinch Tinted Lip Oil, this new oil is a game changer when it comes to tinting your lips.

Courtesy of @rarebeauty

Selena mentions that this tinted lip oil does not leave a sticky feeling behind when applied, all while moisturizing, plumping, and introducing a pop of color to your lips!

In fact, according to the makeup giant, if you stare long enough after applying any color from the tinted lip oil, you can watch it transform from a jelly texture to a juicy oil!

Courtesy of @rarebeauty

Convinced yet?

And if you are, just keep in mind that these lip oils are selling out fast so our advice is to run, and not walk to snag it fast!

Courtesy of @rarebeauty

The new tinted lip oil also comes in eight different shades that are all incredibly gorgeous.

Courtesy of @rarebeauty

And all while releasing the new product, Selena reminds each of us that we all are rare when you open the inside packaging of any Rare Beauty product that reads “You are Rare.”

You can find the new Soft Pinch Tinted Lip Oil in Sephora online and in-stores, plus on Rare Beauty’s website too!

Courtesy of @rarebeauty

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