The CDC Says Fully Vaccinated People Can Now Gather Indoors Without Masks

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After thousands of individuals who have received both vaccinations, many of us are left wondering if visiting family and friends without masks is acceptable.

The CDC has just answered the one question every individual desperately wants to know and in short term, the answer is yes, but there are restrictions to that “yes”; so here’s what we know.

The CDC announced Monday that fully vaccinated individuals can gather indoors without masks.

The recommendations also say that vaccinated people can gather together in the same way with people that are also considered at low-risk, for example, vaccinated grandparents can visit healthy grandchildren.

However, the CDC still recommends that fully vaccinated people continue to wear masks, avoid large gatherings, and socially distance from others when out in public.

When are you considered fully vaccinated?

Officials say a person is considered fully vaccinated two weeks after they have received the last required dose of the vaccine. 

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