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These First Responder Birdhouses Are The Cutest Thing You’ll Put In Your Garden

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Every year, right around spring, I get a new birdhouse to put up in my trees — a kind of gift to all the new bird families that are going to take root in the trees around my house.

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We are SO CLOSE to spring, and I can feel it in every single thing around me.

The flowers are starting to try to bloom, the grass is perking up, it’s a tad bit warmer, there’s a sort of buzz in the air, and the birds are coming out to say, “It’s almost spring!”

What better surprise to get those birds than a fun new birdhouse in which to build their little spring nests.

Buy a Birdhouse

Etsy has the CUTEST birdhouses to choose from, and you HAVE to go check them all out!

My FAVORITES for this spring season are these adorable face birdhouses!

Buy a Birdhouse

The Buy a Birdhouse shop on Etsy has so many to choose from!

They have sports team faces, like hockey and football.

Buy a Birdhouse

You can get different careers birdhouses, like a construction worker, a firefighter, or my personal favorite, the paramedic.

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They even have one that my son went CRAZY for — the Mario birdhouse. LOL!! I think he’d hang it up in his room if he could.

Buy a Birdhouse

You HAVE to check out their KISS and Elvis houses. HA! Perfect for that music fan!

Buy a Birdhouse

Each one runs about $49 to $80, depending on how elaborate the one is that you want.

They are all handmade out of wood, they are painted by hand, and they are absolutely perfect!!

Buy a Birdhouse

Each house ships from Canada, and you can have it within a week or two!!

Buy a Birdhouse

If the funny faces aren’t your thing, they have a TON more birdhouses — everything from custom photos, flags of the world, buildings around town, sports teams, and even custom designs.

I want them ALL!!

Go check out the Buy a Birdhouse site on Etsy to see all of their designs.

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