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Mother’s Circus Animal Cookies Come In Bunny, Butterfly, And Ducks Shapes Covered In Pastel Colors For Spring

Mother’s Circus Animal Cookies always puts out amazing themed versions of our favorite cookies! Every time I have them it reminds me of being a kid again

Holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, you name it and they probably had a cookie for it.

Now they are prepping us for Sprint with the new Mother’s Springtime Circus Animal Cookies!

The Mother’s Springtime Circus Animal Cookies are of course a limited edition. They are like super new so you may have a hard time finding them right now.

I mean, we still have a while before it’s actually Spring. As I write this, it is currently negative temps here in the great state of Texas!

For the Springtime version of our favorite Circus Animal Cookies, they will have butterflies, bunnies, ducks, and ducklings!

They’re covered in spring-themed colors with white and yellow icing. Then they are topped with sprinkles that are white, yellow, green, and purple!

Perfect for Easter time! So far they have been spotted at CVS and the price is about $4 for a 9 ounce bag.

We should start seeing them available anywhere that sells Mother’s Circus Animal Cookies soon. These will be great in Easter baskets this year and I can not wait!