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This Purple Galaxy Bat Plushie Is The Cutest Thing Ever And I Need It

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I’ve always thought bats were super cool, and I love to watch them… but none of them have ever been as cool as this bat from outer space!

eeZeeArt – Etsy

This galaxy bat stuffed animal is a combination of science fiction and snuggles all in one!

Each bat plush is made with the softest custom printed beautiful galaxy fabric!

eeZeeArt – Etsy

This space cutie is the perfect size for cuddling too, it measures about 6 inches tall with a 12.5 inch wingspan.

My daughter loved the little galaxy bat and named her Midnight. Super soft and well made. Will purchase from again. Also shipping was fast!!!

eternalbreath1983 – Etsy customer review
eeZeeArt – Etsy


  • Minky Fabric
  • Polyester Silk Fabric
  • Polyester Stuffing
  • Plastic Safety Eyes
eeZeeArt – Etsy

The colors may vary slightly, and the wing and ear fabric patterns vary from plush to plush.

These galaxy bat plushies are not meant for small children because they do contain small parts that could be a choking

eeZeeArt – Etsy

I love love love this!! My room is done is horror/halloween/gothic decor! It fits so well on my coffin shelf ?

Brittany Jeffers – Etsy customer review
eeZeeArt – Etsy

If you love to sew, you can always make this yourself by purchasing the galaxy bat pattern!

bananners96 – Etsy customer review image

If you don’t sew, or simply would rather someone else do the work, you can buy the purple galaxy bat from eeZeeArt on Etsy!

eeZeeArt – Etsy

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  1. Just so you know, the artist is called BeeZeeArt! Not eeZeeArt! 🙂

  2. You have a typo on your page – The links don’t land properly. They should be pointing to beezeeart 🙂