‘Fauci-ing’ Is The New Hot Dating Trend and We Are Here For It

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If the love of your life just left you on read, you may need to ask yourself “Am I a victim of ‘Fauci-ing’?”

The new dating term inspired by Dr. Anthony Fauci is not only a legend in science, but apparently the dating world too!


So what is “Fauci-ing” anyway?

It’s a term used to describe getting declining or refusing to date someone who doesn’t take the virus seriously and to be honest, I don’t hate this new dating trend!


Coined by the dating app Plenty of Fish, “Fauci-ing” was listed as a top dating trend to expect in the new year within their annual list.


The list also included unique dating terms such as “maskerading”, which is someone who only pretends to wear a mask for the sole purpose of dating you and “apocalypsing”, treating every relationship like it’s your last.


Oh boy.

The days of writing in a magazine column inquiring that you’re open to dating are certainly over!

In an interview with “Axios on HBO” , Dr. Fauci was asked his opinion on the new dating trend and at no surprise, the nation’s top infectious diseases expert said he was unfamiliar with the new term and asked for a defintion.

After familiarizing himself with the new dating trend, Dr. Fauci burst into laughter and proceeded to say “I’m gonna ‘Fauci’ you,” he joked.


We have comedian in the house everybody.


You can see the trending term for yourself on Urban Dictionary with a gif of Dr. Fauci holding in a laugh at a press conference!


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