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Cicada Bugs Can Be Harmful To Dogs. Here’s What You Need To Know.

They say a man’s best friend is their dog, well news flash, a woman’s best friend is also their pup!

Since we care for our pets like a member of the family, similar to how we are aware of what we eat and what’s in our foods, we should also be cognizant of what our dogs are eating too!

Some dogs have a habit of eating everything and anything in sight.

If you notice your dog overeating outside, you should consider limiting the time your dog gets to spend outdoors to avoid harmful bugs that can be potentially dangerous to your pet.

Cicada bugs live in trees, shrubs, and woody shrubs which means when your dog is playing outside and rummaging through the dirt and mud to find the perfect stick, it’s likely that your family pet came across this insect.

While Cicada bugs for the most part are harmless, the insect can be dangerous for dogs who lack good impulse control.

It can be fatal for dogs who may eat large amounts of cicadas due to the hard shell that can cut through dog’s intestines which can cause permanent damage or even death.

Take notice of how your dog eats.

For example, Labrador Retrievers are prone to overeating, and if your dog tends to eat everything they see in front of them, it might be best to consider the time they spend playing outside to avoid eating large amounts of Cicada bugs!

Courtesy of @Bobby Ravinski