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An Asteroid That Is 5 Giraffes Wide Will Fly Near Earth This Week. Here’s Everything We Know.

Picture a giraffe.

Now image an asteroid that’s five giraffes wide, a little unsettling right?

Well, a rock that goes by the name of “2024 BJ” will be flying past planet Earth and the Moon, in just a few days.

The asteroid, which has the width of five giraffes was just discovered last week on January 17, according to IFLScience.

While estimated to be 82 feet across according to IFLScience, there’s no need to panic about this rotating rock.

2024 BJ will not get anywhere close to the planet we call home, even with the asteroid being considered as a near-earth object.

The asteroid, which is considered to fly close to Earth only in cosmic terms, you’ll also be happy to hear that 2024 BJ is flying 220,000 miles away per IFLScience.

This weekend on January 27, the newly discovered space rock will fly near our planet, and you can even watch a livestream video of the asteroid, thanks to the Virtual Telescope Project!