Move Over Roses, Pickle Bouquets Are The Hot New Way to Confess Your Love

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Roses are red, Voilets are blue, we want bouquets that we can eat rather than roses that die in a few weeks.

Flowers bouquets are good, but bouquets you can eat are simply better.

Courtesy of Grillo’s Pickles

You can now officially buy your loved one a bouquet made up of pickles, because who can say no to a gift that they can eat?

So skip the flowers that will ultimately die in a few weeks no matter how well you take care of them, and grab a bouquet that will make your partner pucker from the sour taste.

Thanks to Grillo’s Pickles, you can impress your partner with something other than flowers this Valentines’ day, or Mother’s day, or even for someone’s birthday!

What’s dubbed the Pickle Bouquet Kit, this floral-inspired, pickle-themed bouquet comes with everything you need to put this project together.

Courtesy of Grillo’s Pickles

You can expect the box to include the following:

  • Wooden skewers
  • Foam base
  • Floral filler
  • Tissue paper
  • Recipient card and cardholder
  • Custom “pickle vase”
  • A Grillo’s “free jar” coupon
Courtesy of Grillo’s Pickles

And yes, while this pickle kit doesn’t include any pickles when you open the box, don’t worry, because Grillo’s also includes a coupon for a jar of pickles for the cost of absolutely nothing!

Now all you need to do is put together the pieces and turn your kit into a salty bouquet that doubles as a snack!

But before your finish your pickle masterpiece, Grillo’s Pickles recommends adding in a few of your favorite foods that you think pair well with pickles, like cheese cubes, hot peppers, or even deli meats.

Available for purchase beginning February 1st, you can snag your pickle bouquet kit online at Grillo’s Pickles website, here!

Courtesy of Grillo’s Pickles

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